Sheldon the Shark

Please welcome Sheldon the Shark! After sitting back and not knowing what sea creature to make next, I decided to make another shark! (Please see Harold the Hammer head.) Sheldon is easy and quick to make, and can be made in a wide variety of colours. Keep on the look out for more sea creatures … Continue reading Sheldon the Shark

Harold the Hammer Head Shark

Please Welcome Harold the Hammer Head Shark to the Sea Creature collection! This is one of my personal favourites and also one of my partners favourites! (He is a BIG Sharks fan!). Make sure you keep an eye out for the rest of the collection…So many sea creatures. What would you like to see?? This … Continue reading Harold the Hammer Head Shark

Cam the Crab

Please Welcome Cam the Crab to the Blue Dinosaur Crochet collection. Cam is the second sea creature in the Blue Dinosaur Crochet sea creature collection! With many more to come! You can purchase this pattern add free on Ravelry. Please follow the link below. This pattern is for personal use only. Feel free to … Continue reading Cam the Crab

Steph the Stegosaurus!

Please Welcome Steph the Stegosaurus!! Steph is the second part to my dinosaur series! After making Tweeny the Triceratops I decided to continue with the dinosaur bandwagon! It has been lots of fun designing another dinosaur for this series. I will be continuing to make many, many more dinosaurs. There are so many different types, … Continue reading Steph the Stegosaurus!

Tweeny the Triceratops

Please Welcome Tweeny the Triceratops!! After lots of thought I have decided to write up my patterns for others to enjoy! Tweeny is one of the first patterns I had ever designed. This design came at a time where the children in my care (Early Childhood Educator!) were really into dinosaurs. I learnt so much … Continue reading Tweeny the Triceratops