Ellie the Elephant

I would like to introduce Ellie the Elephant to the Blue Dinosaur Crochet Safari Collection! After lots of thought and watching The Lion King for a second time… I decided to design an Elephant! I can not wait to start up my next Safari project! If there is any Safari animals that you would like … Continue reading Ellie the Elephant

Leo the Lion

I would like to introduce Leo the Lion! Leo is the second addition to the Safari Collection! After making Ziggy the Zebra I was really excited to make a Lion! As soon as I started I could not help but watch the Lion King! (Favourite childhood movie!). This gave me so many more ideas to … Continue reading Leo the Lion

Ziggy the Zebra

I would like to introduce Ziggy the Zebra! I have been interested in starting a new collection, but have found it very difficult to choose! After a lot of changing my mind… I have decided to create a Safari Collection! This has been an amazing collection to start! I have absolutely loved creating Ziggy the … Continue reading Ziggy the Zebra